Saturday, January 13, 2018

Summer Caturday

After a rainy week we got a slice of summer today.  There was sunshine and hotness which was lovely.  Mum loaded up the washing line and I chillaxed trying to keep cool.  Mum went and met her friends for a drink and cake, got some things from the market and made it home with some time to chill out.

Hope your day was as relaxing as ours and you did something fun.


  1. Lovely photos Poppy!x Cheered me up...cold and
    damp over here..snow and frost forecast for next
    week...Brrrr! :(.

    I've got a busy week coming up, what with one
    thing and another...but! I've just got back from
    town...and a cup of lemon tea is called for, and
    an almond slice...! :).

  2. Your Saturday looks like it was lovely! After 3 days of melting and massive wind/rain taking away a lot of our snow, we're now in the middle of a snowstorm. LOL. So our biped will have LOTS to shovel today, once it finally stops. Not quite the "fun" you're wishing everyone. :-P

  3. The sky looks lovely. It is cold wet and windy here.

  4. That sounds like a purrfect day Poppy

  5. Our mum had the flu and is in bed. Bad for her but nice for us.