Thursday, January 18, 2018

Old Enough

Mum was feeling a bit like an old woman this week.  Sleep has been hard as it has been so warm that she hasn't slept well at all - tossing and turning all night.  So often she has only got a couple of hours.  She loves the fan - but it is a noisy one (well it was cheap).  So each evening once she has had dinner and crashed on the couch she finds herself dozing off - just like she remembers her father and her grandmother doing.  Surely a sign of getting old.

One gentleman today asked mum how she was coping with the heat - mum said it was tough being both hot and a middle aged woman as she was getting both hot inside and outside.  He kept telling mum she wasn't old enough for all that business.  Mum had to reassure him that she most certainly was. 

Luckily today we have had a rainy day and the temperatures are a more moderate 18C.   That's another sign of getting old - obsessing about the weather.  One of Gdads favorite birthday gifts was a thermometer that read the temperature inside and on the porch of his house.  Gdad loved telling mum how hot it was at his house on their phone calls.  It even makes mum teary writing about it. 


  1. Ah! Bless! Poppy!x Tell Mum, l always believe your
    age is in~between yer the brain, we all
    have our bad days, and good of course...and the
    weather has a lot to do with our moods...l hate
    waking up to rain, puts me off, straight away,
    still, got to get up and get on with things!
    Talking of getting on...l must get off, down
    town..Market day to~day! :).

  2. Dear sweet mum, you are so in the middle of a downer. I understand completely. When it gets to being tearful about granddad well been there too. The heat is awful. A little visit to the doctor I promise will sort it all out ..Except the heat of course. Don’t put up with it like I did.
    Talking about fans, ours are noisey too and I went to sleep with it on the other night lying on top of the bed and woke up frozen in the morning needing a hottie to thaw out.
    Just know poppy and all of us love you and want you to feel better very soon.Xxxxxxx🌹🌹🌹

  3. Your mum will get used to the fan’s noise, I think, Poppy, and as soon as the weather improves a bit and she gets a little more sleep, she’ll feel rejuvenated. Sadness over Gdad is unavoidable. It’s always the little things, it seems, that remind us the most, and hurt the most.