Monday, January 8, 2018


Tonight's dinner: periperi panko crumb coated fish with roasted corn and potatoes and salad.  Looked good but mum overcooked it and was a touch dry.

Mum got hone from work and it was a bit hot, so she pulled the curtains, turned on the Fan and lay down next to me for an hour.  Bliss.


  1. I love everything on that plate. A feast for the eyes and Poppy looks as if she has just had a feast too. The fan has come into its own and tomorrow will be hotter. Good one mum.Xxx

  2. When l first say that lovely dinner, l thought you'd
    had eaten it Poppy!x And now your sleeping it off..! :).

    I'm just having a lemon tea, as l write this, l popped
    up the furniture shop, saw a three seater settee l liked,
    so l bought it...! Much the same as the old one...and when
    l say old one...l mean old one..! :).

  3. Too bad about the dryness of dinner. But it was probably tasty even so. (and yes, it does look good!)