Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Last Day of Lazy

It is the last day of lazy here at chez Q.  Tomorrow morning mum has to arise to her alarm clock and head off to work.  Today was rather glorious with 27deg c.  Mum went for a walk in the late afternoon and stood in the air conditioned book shop for an hour.  She popped into some other shops to buy summer blueberries, grapes and salad. 

Tonight's sunset was lovely again.  This one was about 9.10pm - we love the long summer evenings.  We have 3 days of rain forecast so mum may have to dust off her umbrella.

Have a lively evening everyone.


  1. Just got back from town..all a bit quiet, mucky
    and wet still..but warm! :).
    Took my brolly, did'nt need it..l don't like
    getting my brolly wet..seems a shame..HeHe!
    Silly Willie..And, l had a new one for Christmas,
    guess the colour..! :0).

  2. What lovely evening skies. Red sky at night shepherds delight. Perhaps the rain won’t come. What a shame the lazy days are over. Let’s hope it is quiet at work and mum can read a book. You will miss her Poppy. Sleep well if you can xxx

  3. Beautiful sky photos! Enjoy the last lazy day! (Our biped is back to work today after the 10-day holiday closure. No "lazy" for her anymore!)

  4. Purrty sky. Hope your mum has an easy day at day hunting.