Monday, January 29, 2018

Dream Job

Mum dreams that she should to be the world taking photos of animals .  Plenty of people do it but boy it seems hard work, they sure don't like to stay still and pose.  So mum likes to practice with her friends chickens.

It is got in our city today, so mum has avoided being in the sun so that she doesn't burn to a crisp.  She has decided that she likes spring and autumn best.  Me too.


  1. Goodness! Me! Poppy!x Have'nt you changed...
    HeHe! I thought we were going to see a 'before
    and after' photo of a chicken...before and after
    it comes out the oven..! :).
    Seriously though, lots of people keep chickens
    as pets, l known quite a few, they wander about
    the house like a cat or dog, though they poo,
    anywhere they want to...but, keep them out of
    the kitchen, they have a bad reaction if they
    see the oven...Bless! Cluck! Cluck! :0).

  2. We like spring and fall best too, Poppy. Winters here are far too cold and summers far too hot and humid.

    As for those chickens...maybe one of them would like to travel to see us? We'd love to make "friends" with at least one of them! :-)

  3. My human prefers taking photos of animals to people. She says people are too fussy.

  4. Chickens are good to practice on. They stand still, they move; you can get plenty of positions.

  5. Missing Poppy. Autumn is my favourite time. This heat is a killer.

  6. chick-hen, I would like mine either roasted or grilled.

  7. What a beautiful Chicken!! I too prefer those in between seasons best of all.