Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Our garden has got a bit overgrown with lots of rain and humid weather (this picture is from a few weeks ago).  So it is time to get the weeds pulled up, and mum got up early to meet a gardener who is going to come next week and pull out the weeds.  Mum is pleased that she organised this last week, because this weekend she slipped over and twisted her knee and doesn't think that she can kneel down to pull out the stubborn weeds or to use the push mower.

In the winter the landlord looks after the garden, but mum takes care of it in the summertime.  Unfortunately it will cost mum a little bit to get it done, but she will have to pay the cost so it is done properly as she doesn't really have a green thumb.    We are lucky to have a nice little spot to sit in and enjoy - mum appreciates a bit of garden - and I think of it as a necessity.


  1. That looks like a really nice place to sit out and enjoy a picnic lunch. Gardens do cost but worth it. Sorry about mums fall. She will need to take it easy at work

  2. Sorry to hear about Mums knee Poppy!x
    I suppose that means she'll miss church
    on Sunday...! :).
    And, tell Mum, not to worry, l have'nt
    got a green thumb either, just the fingers! :).

    And, you do have a nice spot there Poppy!x to
    sit outside...looks nice...bit of a sun trap,
    and l see the TV mast is still pointing the
    right way...HeHe! Bless!x

  3. You do have a nice garden, Poppy, but yes, it does require some upkeep! I hope your human's knee heals up fast.

  4. Oh goodness ! Your mum’s Knee! Always an injury that presents unique problems like grocery shopping, laundry, work.....
    Our mum had knee problems since last spring. She was given Cipro and never had it previously. She doesn’t want surgery at all but look like a necessity. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for your mum, Poppy.

  5. I hope your mum's knee is soon better Poppy.

  6. Such a lovely garden for you Poppy. You mum is very good to take care of it as we know gardening can be hard work. We hope that your poor mum's knee is better soon and not too painful. We are sad to see your cousin doggy passed. Her family must be very sad now.

  7. Yes it is nice to have a garden to sit in during the summer months. Or at least when it is nice to be outside.