Friday, January 5, 2018

Fan of the Fan

Hello fan - I think I love you.  Mum turned you on last night and I was very brave and climbed up on the bed and lay down.   It was lovely.   A bit noisey but oh so cool.

Today we have the tail end if a storm blowing in so we won't need your services, but see you at the weekend.

We have been watching the news - we hope all of our friends in the US are safe from that crazy storm - keep warm and safe.


  1. Yep, definitely not fan weather in much of the U.S.! Not really here either, although it's a typically mild California winter where we are.

  2. Brave Poppy but I knew you would like it. I have mine on a chair facing the bed and it is heaven in the heat. No heat tonight though. Lots and lots of lovely rain all day. I think I can hear the hedges and gardens singing in relief. The wind through the pine trees 🌲 is a bit spooky though.
    Hope mum is feeling stronger every day.

  3. HeHe! So, your a fan of the fan then Poppy!x
    I expect it feels nice blowing on your fur,
    and keeping you cool...!
    Ask Mum to sing you a little about..
    'Blow'in in the Wind'. :0).

  4. You'll get used to the sound of the fan, Poppy. It may even help you sleep.

  5. We have it hot here too and are waiting for the cool change.