Thursday, January 25, 2018

Treat Thursday

 Oh man it was hot today.  28c is warm for us and it always hotter than the metservice says it is.  Mum got called into work until 5am.  So when she got home she managed only a couple of hours sleep.  She then got up and went for a walk.  She left me snoozing with the Fan on.  On her way home she got a cool orange ice block - her first of the summer.
She waited until 8pm to make dinner.  A pulled lamb chilli and rice dish with salad.  It was a big helping and very yummy and enough for dinner on Friday night.

Now she has to try to trick herself into going to sleep so she can get up in the morning.  Luckily she has the weekend off to reset her clock.


  1. ooooO! Lamb..l love lamb, one of my favourite a chilli or even curried! :).

    And, a nice orange lolly, to cool down with,
    bit cold for one of those over here, bit brighter
    to~day, rain forecast later, l did go out earlier,
    as it's market day, but, very quiet all round.
    Hopefully there's a nice film on this afternoon,
    l can settle down, with a mug of hot~chocolate...! :).

  2. We used to get those orange ice at lunch time in the summer when I was at high school. They called them tto2s.strange name but brings back wonderful memories. Dinner looked yummy but oh what horror hours mum works. It was 31 here today. Totally melting weather and tonight thunder storm with RAIN YEH!

  3. My human thinks your human's dinner looks yummy! And unlike you, Poppy, I'd want a taste (and wouldn't get it).

  4. That looks so tasty. Hope your mom got some sleep.

  5. Mum likes cool frozen treats like that in the summer too.