Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Apparently our city is under a fanmeggedon - it has sold out of fans.  Lucky us mum got ours early.  Last night mum slept on the covers with the Fan going.  She was on call but didn't get called in which is sometimes worse than going to work. 

Mum got a cooked chicken and some salad for her dinner - easy peasy.  Me I nibbled on my feast a bit.

 It is a bit nicer tonight closer to 10pm and all the doors and windows are wide open.  We live in a safe neighborhood and although mum closes up when we go to sleep she feels safe sitting here feeling the breeze.  Do you feel safe where you live?


  1. Whey~Hey! And the suns out over here Poppy!x
    Still a bit cold, but nice! I've just put a
    couple of T~shirts on the line to dry.....!
    Though there's a lot of snow up north...and
    they can keep it..! :).

    And! Yes! I'm safe where l live..l've lived
    in my home 40yrs come 1st April...and only
    one bad thing happened during that time, 30yrs
    ago there was a stabbing, outside my home as
    it happens, just a domestic thing, the guy that
    did it got 15yrs, and was then realised....!
    But, it's very quiet and nice, and were all
    friendly here! :0).

  2. We live in a safe country area with sheep for neighbours and lovely views. Very safe. Very hot today. So glad of the fan.
    Mums dinner sounded nice. Does she have a little garden or pots to grow herbs in ?

  3. Fresh air while sleeping is the best.
    Except when the neighbourhood dogs start barking, the possums start fighting and the neighbors decide it would be nice to have a conversation just out on the road lol oh well live and let live I say

  4. I like to have a window open while I sleep, even just a bit, if it's very cold out. I enjoy the fresh air. That's why I don't care for sultry weather, such as you are having right now. There's nothing fresh about it. I'm glad your mum was able to obtain a fan when she did.

  5. It's lucky your mum thought ahead and got the fan early. I like the bedroom window open summer and winter. Just the top window open a little bit in winter, but in summer all windows are wide open all night. It is safe here to do that.

  6. Our neighborhood used to be safer, but it's not right now. We have a terrible homeless situation, and not on our street, but near us, there are thieves constantly stealing packages from the post office. We are sad it has gotten this bad.

  7. Yep we are safe here. Summer nights mum keeps the sleepy room window open and sometimes the one in the kitch-hen. But if someone tried to break in it would wake mum and she could beat them up! Call the cops too.