Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thai Teatime

Thai meatballs with salad for dinner - it's a winner!  Today was a bonus day for mum.  She got called in overnight and got the day off work today.  She was rather tired though and even thought she would be productive all day - she was not.  She napped and napped again.  I was helping her.
It's hard being a helper cat - she wouldn't stay in bed all day with me.  Naughty mum.


  1. Poppy, humans are hard to control sometimes!

  2. Well...Pussy cats are the best nappers ever...!
    Everyone should learn from them..and staying in
    bed all need your rest before your nap

    Oh! Mums dinner looks lovely! :).

  3. Poppy ,how lovely to have mum all day at home. Perhaps if you’d snuggled more she would sleep longer.
    She needs to sleep as long as she can.
    Her dinner looks delicious. Do you get a bite? Xxx

  4. we (and every other cat) think that napping IS productive! It's restorative and humans don't do it enough. The trick is getting them to realize that, Poppy. Why not nap on it for a while, for inspiration re: getting your mum to stay in bed with you all day. Great ideas often come while we're dozing or sleeping! :-)

  5. Beans just don’t get the napping thing. We always tell our mum she’d feel better and look younger if she followed our lead.
    Another great dinner made by your mum. Sounds like a perfect combo. Did your mum make the meatballs herself? Does she share recipes?

  6. Having the day off a long night usually doesn’t give you much time for anything but sleep. I would’ve done the same as your mum, Poppy.

  7. mum could use a sleep day too. sometimes she naps but not enuf!