Friday, April 13, 2018

2 Days

We are excited at the prospect of 2 Days without being woken up by the  alarm clock.  She wonders how people got themselves sorted out before alarm clicks?  We guess they went to bed when it got dark and woke up with the sun.  Staying up late must be a modern thing.


  1. I stay up late in the summer months, but, l tend
    to go to bed at eight, in the winter, and watch
    telly, from under the duvet..up when it gets light,
    at the moment..six thirty..quick visit to the bathroom,
    downstairs, to make my first lemon tea of the day,
    then back to bed, for half hour, watching the news....
    (and Trump is still alive)...HeHe! :).
    But..l love seeing you, Poppy!x with your sleepy head
    on...Bless! :0).

  2. Poppy why do you have to look so adorable. I just want to stroke you and kiss you and wish you were mine.
    Before alarm clocks (which is a long time ) in England they had men who walked the time hourly
    ringing a bell and calling out the time. I suppose people got used to it but I am glad I didn’t live them.
    What era would you choose to go back to? With all the world in termoil I think the early 1800s. But New Zealand now is as good as it gets.

  3. Poppy, YOU are supposed to be the alarm! Our biped hasn't needed one of those in years, she has us. :-D

    Enjoy the two days of being alarm-free!

  4. Mum is happy that she no longer needs to use an alarm clock all the time. Maybe she sets it once a month now.

  5. Maybe they had cats to wake them. I think you are a pretty good routine, Poppy.