Saturday, April 28, 2018


This photo was from a sunny day this week.  Caturday was cloudy so mum slept in and read her book instead of getting up early.

Mum did venture out for a while, but a friend had to postpone plans so mum came home and binge watched 3 episodes of the great British bake off.  Dinber was beans on toast and now the heater is on and mum is thinking there is just time to watch a movie before bed time.

Hope you are all having a lovely Caturday.


  1. Nearly 1:30 over here Poppy!x
    Just watching the footy, and it's half time,
    cup of tea, and see if anyone's posted.....
    Whey~Hey! It's Poppy!x Bless! :).

    Bit overcast, weather~wise, though dry..bit
    chilly to, surprising how everything grows
    after a bit of, l'll have to get out
    there next week, starting Monday! My privet,
    needs a good first cut to..!
    So..l'll pop off and make my tea..think l'll
    have an almond slice as well..! :0).

  2. We have a lovely sunny day. Mum is taking it easy today for a change this week.

  3. Cloudy here as well, but now it is raining too. I hope your weather is nice on Sunday.

  4. We've finally got some sun here, Poppy. Oh, wait, tomorrow the clouds are supposed to come back. MOL.