Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lovely Day

Mum had another nice day if not working.  She stayed in her dressing gown this morning - reading and relaxing.  She got herself up and dressed and went out for the afternoon.  She went into town and then off to the beach.

The sun was shining and she enjoyed her walk.  She got on the bus - but got onto the wrong bus, mistaking the number 24 for the number 2.  So she got an extra bit if sight seeing in.  She made the most of it, and got off outside the fish and chip shop and treated herself for dinner.  Then she took a new route home and looked at some different houses.

What a lovely day!!!


  1. My Goodness! That is a lovely day for Mum,
    Poppy!x And what a lovely photo, takes me
    back, seeing that guy with a surf board! :).

    I've just had my lunch, l went a bit German
    to~day..German potato noodles, sauerkraut,
    and smoked bockwurst..! Bit chilly out on
    the patio..temperature has dropped, and
    it's overcast..! Forecast of rain latter! :(.

  2. What a beautiful day. Mum is definitely making the most of her time off.did she bring you home a piece of fish 🐟 ?
    Can mum tell us the name of the bay?

  3. An enjoyable, unexpected excursion on a sunny day. It does sound nice.

  4. poppy ...pleez ta tell mum thanx for sharin thiz fotoz...itz total lee awesum !!!!!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. sounds a lovely day. homestays are my fav

  6. Perfect day for your mum. It seems getting on the wrong bus can be a good thing too.

  7. your mum had a bit of adventure, so glad she made the best of getting on the wrong bus.