Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Night Movie

Us girls are just chilling.  It is Friday night so we're all about the relaxing and taking it easy.  Also mum is nodding off on the couch and I'm going to ask for my snacks early and take myself off to bed.

Enjoy the video mum showed me.  It's a cat with ducks not chickens.  Any clever cat knows that!!


  1. That video!! The cat looks very content with those little ones, which, considering our carnivorous nature, boggles our minds! :-O

  2. HaHa! That's brilliant Poppy!x
    Bet you wish that was you...though you've
    got a mousie to catch first...! :). Bless!x

  3. A short movie and then to bed. Good idea. I watched the Eddie Murphy film for a second time. I think he is so funny. I like him serious too. Mr. Church is wonderful. Have a good weekend.

  4. Whether it's chicks or (clearly!) ducklings, you've gotta wonder about that cat!

  5. Yep, those are duck bills, not chick-hen beaks. Me and mum are just chilling on Friday night too.