Monday, April 23, 2018

Holiday Week

I came running inside cos there were some kids at the flats next door, running around and shrieking.  School holidays are not good for cats.

Mum finished her shift late last night and was happy looking forward to her week off.  She went to the supermarket and got some treats.  She had a taxi disaster on the way home.  She had to wait over a half hour for her cab.  The supermarket had closed so mum had to wait outside on the footpath in the cold.  It is the longest she has ever waited.  Then her driver spent 5 minutes putting her address into his GPS and then took her the wrong way.  Grrr!!

Anyway today was a lovely day.  The sun was shining and mum washed more stuff and put it out in the sun.  The kitchen was tidied and there were tasty leftovers for her lunch.

Mum then went and did some chores in town, and had a little walk.  She then went and saw A Quiet Place - a new horror movie that she really enjoyed, but was glad to have seen in the daytime.

When mum got home it was still warm and sunny - how lucky are we to be having such lovely weather in late April.


  1. Weather over here is still dry and sunny! :).
    O.k. for the rest of the week, though the temp.
    is going to be a bit colder! I don't mind as long
    as it's dry!

    Goodness! Can't remember the last time l took a
    taxi...HeHe! I think it was drawn by horses! :).
    I love driving my old red (no not pink)..Renualt
    Clio..covered in pink daisies, and other silly
    stickers..! So, l don't do the millage l used to,
    l prefer to walk now~a~days..! :).

    You two enjoy your week..have fun now! Bless!x

  2. I wondered why you were looking so purposeful Poppy and then read your blog. Good idea to head to the peaceful place on your bed.
    Poor mum. I hope she didn’t get a chill. I had a similar experience with a taxi in Wellington once. I stood on the kirb outside Kirks for half an hour and every 10 mins. my taxi drove past not looking. Finally I flagged him down but he only spoke Russia. We ended up in the right suburb but he dropped me off in a dead end street and I had to walk the rest of the way up hill.
    So great mum has a week off. Hope the weather stays nice.
    Kate is in having her baby now. I think it will be a girl. What do you think they will call it?

    1. Thankyou for your nice comment yesterday Sally...
      A baby on the way...l know a nice girls name.....
      How about.....Poppy!x :0).

  3. Other than the wayward taxi, it sounds like your human is having some nice free time.

  4. We have had good weather the past week, but now it has turned cold again and rain forecast for tomorrow.
    Sounds like the taxi driver didn't have much of a clue!

  5. Looks like you had quite an eventful Monday! Hopefully the weather can stay warm! Cannot take any more cold days, thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  6. Oy for getting such a poor taxi ride.

  7. What is wrong with people these days that they know an address but must have a computer tell them where to go. I hope the cabbie didn't charge your mum for the time it took him to beg the computer for instructions.

    I hope the children didn't scare you too much, Poppy. School holidays aren't good for adult humans, either.