Monday, April 2, 2018


Mum saw something move out of the corner of her eye as she sat on the couch this evening, at first she thought it was me, but realized I was asleep in the bedroom.  Then she saw a little mousie run out from behind the tv cabinet, up the step and towards the bedrooms.  By the time she got up to see where it had gone, it had disappeared.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  So the mousetraps will be put out again. Sorry mousie.

Mum has finished her weekend working, and now has 4 days to work .  Tomorrow at least she can sleep in until 6.30am which will feel leisurely.

She had a thought tonight.  She was watching the news about the Chinese asteroid junk that reentered our atmosphere and crashed outside Tahiti.  Shouldn't countries be only able to send into space what will return to their own country.  It would force them to make their things safer if they knew it could land on their own citizens (mum does know it is probably not that simple but still thinks it is a good idea).


  1. Ah! Poor mousie...was he looking for you Poppy!x
    Perhaps he wanted to play...fed up with the TV perhaps! :).
    Let's hope the trap does'nt go off while Mum's asleep!

    Asteroids...??? There quite painful are'nt they! Oh!
    Those type of asteroids...Mind you, all rubbish going
    around the earth, l believe stuff is always falling
    out the sky...! Duck! Duck! HeHe! Where! Where! :0).
    Keep yer head down Poppy!x

  2. Poppy! You should be dealing with that mousie. A nice tasty snack.

  3. Maybe if we could get that asteroid to hit that mousie..! - Tom

  4. We thought YOU were the mousetrap, Poppy. :-)

    Our biped is a bit more cynical: She thinks that governments wouldn't really care if space junk landed on their own country's citizens...well, except for class action lawsuits!

  5. I think that’s a good idea too Poppy even if it’s not possible. I saw a lady on the news who had been hit on th shoulder sometime. She was holding the piece that had hit her.
    I wonder if the mouse is the same one you saw awhile ago. He has probably got a cosy little place to hide in.
    We caught a mouse 3 nights in a row after that heavy rain awhile back. They seem to come in after heavy rain but goodness knows how. They love peanut butter better than cheese on a trap.
    Do let us know Poppy how you get on. Xxx

  6. We had one or two of those mousies in our house this past winter. You should have heard Mom scream when she saw the first one. I caught one, and Mom trapped a few others. Hopefully they will stay away. Mom and I agree with you about the space junk.

  7. Oh Poppy! What fun! A mousie! Something to keep you from getting bored when mum is at work.

  8. A mousie--your dreams have been realized! I was surprised to learn a log is kept of all the "junk" in space. I'm relieved this one landed in the ocean.

  9. Yes it is autumn now Poppy & those mousie's will be wanting to get into the warm. We have the same problem here too ..... where is a good hunting cat when you need one !!!???

  10. You don't catch mice yourself, Poppy? We are admittedly pretty lousy at it!

  11. poppy....that mouz iz givin yur mom de biznezz for sure ! ☺☺♥♥

  12. Good thought that space junk should only land on the place that sent it up.