Thursday, April 26, 2018

Good Girl Present

 There have been some lovely days on mums week off, but the nights are cooling off and I have been looking for a new sleeping spot.  I spent Monday and Tuesday night's on the spare bed but now have moved onto my little bed in mums room which makes mum happy.

She however is not ready for the heater to be on due to her middle aged ladyness.  So - she got me a present for being such a good girl.
 A pussy cat sized electric blanket/ heating pad.
 She is going to let me try it tonight.
 If I wake up and get up so she can put it on.


  1. Oh! My! Poppy!x Who's a spoilt young
    lady then! :). An electric blanket for
    pussy~cats...I'm going to send this
    post on to my daughter, she has two
    pussy~cats..though l can't see either
    of them taking to, Louie slepts
    on top the fridge, and Az sleeps on anyones
    chest, yes, chest, he can settle on! HeHe! :0).

    Tell us how your getting on with it in a day or
    two Poppy!x

  2. Oh that looks so snug and cosy Poppy. You are a lucky girl. Also you won’t be waking mum up when you feel chilly. Sweet

  3. Oh, what a wonderful present! We can only imagine how cosy that will be, Poppy!

  4. You are lucky to get such a lovely present, Poppy.

  5. I bet that will be awesome for you, Poppy!

  6. If you like it as much as my beasts love theirs, Poppy, you'll be spending a lot of time on it.

  7. If it gets that cold in the winter, I crawl in bed with mum. Hope you like your new blankie.