Saturday, April 14, 2018

Caturday Sniffs

Cos I am an indoor/outdoor cat I am able to sit out in my garden anytime I like.  Today started off cold but warmed up at midday. Mum already had washing on the line hoping to catch the autumn sun.  Doors and windows were open to let the house air out and mum was hoovering inside and moving stuff around.

So - I just sat in the garden and snuffed some smells and felt the breeze and sun.  A perfect Caturday.  Hope yours is nice too.


  1. That sounds like it was the perfect Caturday, Poppy. Ours will be indoor only, with rain changing to freezing rain, then ice pellets, then snow, then back to freezing rain...all weekend! So feel free to send up some warm breezes and sunshine. :-)

  2. Snap! Poppy!x Much the same over here...
    bit fresh this morning going to town,
    nice and warm now, lovely sunshine, l'm
    sitting looking at the grass, thinking
    it needs cutting, l'll do it on Monday,
    if it's nice and dry!
    Besides l'm watching a footy match at the
    mo..I'll sit out later, and enjoy a bit of
    lunch out on the patio..! Perhaps Flossie
    will be round for a saucer of milk..Bless! :).

  3. That is definitely the good life. I am watching the ‘Games’. We have got a lot of lovely Golds.😀

  4. Fresh air is everything, isn’t it!