Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cosy Caturday

Our Caturday started off with a nice sunny morning.  Mum went and met some friends for a wander and for some sushi for brunch.  She went to the library and for a walk around town too.

The weather switched, becoming cold and with the threat of rain she retreated back home with me.  Napping and then dinner became the priority.  Winter quilts are back on our bed and the heater is on.  Cosy.

Hope you are having a fun Caturday.  Treat yourselves!!


  1. Sunny over here as well Poppy!x
    Though a few showers now and again..
    I've had a busy morning, my neighbour brought
    round four bunnies, shot yesterday, gave two
    to a friend, and sorted the other two out when
    l got back from town..tomorrows lunch all sorted!

    Having an early lunch, footy on at 12:30...then
    again at, feet up, with a few cups of
    lemon tea, oh! and lemon slices..! HeHe! :0).

  2. Dear poppykins you look so snug. I hope this is just a flick in the weather and we will be back into warm autumn days. Glad mum had a good day. Hope we all have a great weekend.
    What happenened to mousie. Did you get the traps set?

  3. That's the way to treat a chilly day, Poppy.

  4. The days have been lovely here lately. And today we are expecting a high of 30 deg cel
    The nights have been cool so sleeping is much easier
    Have had all doors and windows open most days
    Napping is lovely but it disrupts my sleep at night and I’ve been getting up at five to go and swim so it’s a no no for me
    Although some days......

  5. There is nothing like a cozy home on cold, raw day. Makes you thankful for what you have.

  6. Stay warm, we haven't really started spring here yet.

  7. If it's gonna be all chilly and raw, we are glad you and Mum got to spend it INSIDE, together, Poppy!

  8. Keep cosy, Poppy! We have a nice day at last after days of rain.