Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Wordless Wednesday - ANZAC Day


  1. The Gallipoli campaign in 1915 saw 8,709 Australian troops and 2,721 New Zealanders killed in the Allied attempt to recapture the peninsula and open up the Black Sea en route to claiming Constantinople and disabling a key German ally.....
    If anyone would like to read the rest...It can be found on this link...God Bless..!

  2. Thank you for that wonderful photo. Today is so special to me. My dad went to Gallipoli as a Royal mounted in 1915 and was eventually in the surgical unit where he did wonderful work. He called his horse Sinai and won a race riding him at the racecourse there. He won a beautiful rose bowl solid silver. But he was also holed up Gallipoli shooting and lying beside his best friend who was killed. Dad just got Schapelle in his leg. He had to go through the traumatic of seeing his horse shot. Dad had a wonderful family at home in Sumner Christchurch NZ but he chose to stay another year after the war as a peacekeeper. I always wondered why it nowsee he needed that time to get over the horror before returning. He married his childhood sweetheart a 2nd cousin and I was born when he was 53. I get very sad and emotional always atthistimeof year.. forgiveme poppy for using your blogbut you would have loved my dad.

    1. Lovely story Sally...Lovely! Bless!
      I sent this to my contacts this morning,
      including Poppy!x You may have seen it....
      If not..take a look..

    2. Thank you Willie. That truely helped an aching heart.

  3. A special day to remember the brave. But I like also to remember those who were not brave, but served anyway; those who were scared every moment they were away from home, but did their duty and more. They weren't Rambo and they weren't John Wayne; they were mum and dad, grandpa and grandma. We are free because of them.