Saturday, April 21, 2018


Mum got out of bed to go have a shower this morning and I crawled in until 1.30pm.  So she now finally has a chance to stop the bedding, ready for the washing machine - then she has to get ready and go to work.  She wishes she could curl up all day and snooze too.

Hope you are having a snoozy Caturday too.


  1. Nearly seven over here Poppy!x
    Suns's going to be a hot day,
    though tomorrow it's gonna change....
    wind and rain..! Never mind, l did manage
    to do a few things in the garden, looking
    a bit tidier!

    Off to town shortly, market day to~day,
    check out a few charity shops, coffee at
    Costa...l love the weekend! :0).

  2. It is nice for you to spend some time with your Mum. And a sleep in is always very very good.

  3. That looks soooo cosy Poppy but I think you are not on your pillow ?. That’s what’s called hogging the whole bed. Xxx

  4. My goodness don't you look comfy!!

  5. YOu look very comfy! I know Mom would not move you to wash the bedding!

  6. You look very comfy there Poppy. I know your mum wishes she could join you.

  7. Holly would not let me take the sheets off the bed for washing this morning. Your mum was so patient to wait for you.