Monday, April 30, 2018


 Nup - I'm not going to let you go back to work today.
I'm going to make you stay home by sleeping on your bag.  Mum had to go back to work after week off.  She's not going to lie.  It was hard and she wad glad to get back home after work.

She did get her flu shot today - on the first day it was available!! Good on you mum.


  1. You should have put 'all' of your body on
    Mums bag Poppy!x She never have got it then! :).
    And, she got her flu shot, that's good, l had
    one back in January, never had one before, never
    get cols or flu..but, that Australian flu came
    over here and a couple young girls died of it,
    both 18yrs old..terrible! And, as the flu jab,
    cover that Australian strain, thought l'd better
    have it..!

  2. That week went awfully fast. Glad you got the flu shot. My dad and I had terrible flu back in th1950s. There was a scouts jamboree up north and at least one died.I used. To get flu every year. Oh that aching ! Never missed a year of the shot since they brought it out. Had mine last week. Xxx
    Poor fluffy poppy really will be sad after the week with mum home.

  3. Those first days back are very hard! We hope you both have a good week, Poppy.

  4. Oh mum is glad she doesn't have the go back to work things anymore. We had a bright sunny Sunday and now Monday too. Purrs to you both for a good week.

  5. It's hard getting back to work for a lot of humans!