Sunday, April 29, 2018


Picture : The Dancing Cat

Well it certainly wasn't a sunny day here in the big city.  As soon as mum left the house this morning it started raining, for the whole time she walked into town - still it wasn't cold and she did enjoy her stroll with her umbrella up.  She was tempted to stay home, but it was nice to meet a friend at a French bakery for some little treats.  The girls also wandered through a few local shops, and although there were a couple of things to tempt them, their wallets stayed in their bags.

Mum had bought some lamb shanks during the week, to try out a new recipe.  Her friend brought her some thyme and rosemary from her garden, so mum didn't have to buy those.  Although it was a bit of a fiddle, she got them in the oven by 3pm and had them ready for her dinner tonight.  Nice and tasty - but she thinks they might just be a yearly treat rather than doing them more regularly. 

I got to do some sleeping today.  I did wake mum up at 6am to let her know it was raining outside and that there were 10 biscuits left in my bowl.  Mum is dreading having to get up for 6am for real tomorrow morning.   She was desperate for a nap this afternoon, but has resisted so that hopefully she can sleep well tonight.  Wish her luck!!

We hope you all had a nice Sunday and did some relaxing too.


  1. mmmmM! Lamb lamb shanks...
    Do you know..over here, just a few years ago,
    lamb shanks were just an off cut, and mostly
    sold as dog bones, l used to get loads from
    a local farm, along with hearts, liver, ribs,
    etc...they were just a waste product, then
    suddenly they became popular, think it had
    something to do with the TV chefs......
    Supermarkets started to butcher them, put them
    on a polystyrene trays, cling film..and charge
    the earth for them...!

    I've just put a chicken in the oven..HeHe! l
    think it's dead..of all all the game/meats l
    eat, chicken is still one of my favourites!
    I always like meat on a bone..! :).

    And..after looking at the above picture, l've
    come to the conclusion..that it is'nt you Poppy!x
    Bless! Oh! And! lots of luck for Mum..sleep~wise! :).
    I'm sure you can help out there! Nite! Nite! :0).

  2. Lamb shanks were what my mother in law used as a base for soup. In the 60s. Our supermarket only has them frozen in 4s and very expensive. Why were they tricky to cook? I thought just roast one with Veges easy and yum. Can you tell us the problem you had ?

  3. Lamb is my favourite meat and I love lamb shanks slow braised in the oven! That is a cute picture.

  4. Walking in the warm rain can be rather nice. I hope her sleep is restful tonight. I find that no matter how much I sleep on weekends, which isn't much anyway, any rest I build up is ruined by having to wake so early for work.

  5. Glad you had a nice stayvacation. We enjoy our shanks here and also had them for Sunday dinner. But I do get a fright at price of them in supermarkets. Keeps me doing what we do...