Sunday, April 22, 2018

One More

One more sleep until mums evening shifts are over and she us back here with me.  Best of all she has taken some leave and has a 7 day break.  Yippee!!!


  1. Oh! That is good news Poppy!x
    Mums seven days off...I bet she has a list of things
    to do..hopefully with you! :).

    Suns out again over is the London
    Marathon, starts in about an hour, and it's going to
    be the hottest ever, there advising runners not to
    wear those furry, funny costumes, as it will be hot!
    41,000 starting to~day, the Queen will set them off,
    via video link at Buckingham Palace..well..l expect
    she's still in bed..she was out late last night, she
    was 92 yesterday..big show at the Albert Hall last
    night, so tea and toast in bed l expect! Bless her! :).

    1. I think the queen is amazing. I can’t imangin having that energy at that age. I do enjoy your comments Willie

  2. How awesome that your human has some time off! I'm sure she needs it, with all those evening shifts.

  3. Fantastic, Poppy! We hope you both enjoy her break. :-)

  4. That is great news !!! Is mum going away for a few days? They say a change is as good as a holiday. But how lovely if she does have a few days away and you Pops could have a little vacation too.
    It might do her so much good to not be woken every day by you jumping on her early for food or to get warm. I know you would miss each other but even humans need a break.
    When our two children were young they would often stay on a farm for a week and how we all enjoyed it. 😻

  5. How exciting, Poppy (and Mum)! We hope you both have a wonderful week-long break. :)

  6. Poppy, enjoy your mom's break and help her get some rest!

  7. SEven days! That's something to celebrate. It'll feel even longer after those evening shifts, I'll bet.