Monday, April 9, 2018


Today was a perfect Monday.  Mum had a day off after working yesterday, so we got to snuggle together in the morning.  Towels were washed and the bathroom was cleaned.  Mum did some tidying up and read her book and stopped and talked with me.

She got the tv man back to fix the picture.  Turns out she is an old lady - the reason the picture was rubbish was the cable she hadn't plugged back in.  The tv aerial man said he won't charge mum.  She gave him chocolate.  I hid under the bed.

So now the picture is better.  Mum is watching Bear Grylls take Welsh actor Bob Brydon up some Welsh hills and they rescue a sheep that had fallen in a sinkhole.  The picture is beautiful now.

So mum has a quiet week planned.  The weather is meant to be wintery.  Mum is going to dig out the jackets today and look for her gloves.


  1. Wish Bear Grylls would fall down a sinkhole
    and stay there..can't stand him..!!! :(.

    You made me laugh Poppy!x HeHe! 'I hid under
    the bed'...Bless! :).

    My new TV in the bedroom is great, especially
    with a new aerial, in the loft, strange really,
    l have Sky downstairs and Freeview upstairs,
    Still, with the new aerial l now get 111 TV
    channels, and 47 radio channels upstairs!
    Decisions! Decisions! get on..looks like a wet/rainy day..!

  2. OMC, your human made the type of mistake my human would've!

  3. This made me laugh because I've called my cable company for tech support for dumb middle-aged person things...not an unplugged cable, but oh, just as silly! I can just imagine what the 20-something guys Well, one day they'll be middle-aged too, and probably do foolish things like that.

    In the end, all that matters is that you have clear TV again...and that you both had a good Monday!

  4. Well, these things happen. At least your mum wasn't charged. Chocolate is a good bribe.

  5. Glad the TV was an easy fix. Hanging with our mum's is the best.