Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Holy moly it is cold out there.  A storm has blown in and we are feeling like winter has arrived.  Mum climbed into bed to finish off her book after work.  As she was dozing off I came running in and jumped on the bed - WITH A MOUSIE IN MY MOUTH. 

Then I dropped it on the bed and as it was alive it jumped under a blanket.  Mum caught it and took it outside.  It was a baby and mum is sure it won't survive the cold weather so that does make her a bit sad.


  1. Wow, what an exciting time at your house, Poppy! Good job catching that mouse!

  2. Whey~Hey! What a clever Poppy!x
    I expect Mum was up on the ceiling, so she
    could'nt take a photo...Shame! :(.
    Mind you..Mum could have left it in the
    house, it would have been company for the
    other one...HeHe! You have'nt caught yet
    Poppy!x Bless!
    (sorry..lost the photo of George on my
    Profile..getting it seen to on Friday).

  3. Whoa, what excitement! :-O

    Awesome job catching that mousie, Poppy, though our biped would feel a bit sorry for it too. Maybe next time you can dispatch the mousie(s) quickly and spare them suffering, Poppy?

  4. Good job, Poppy, but yes, it is sad about the little creature. There are probably other little ones about, if there was that one.

  5. Ohhhh you gotted a mousie!!! We have not seen a real mousie yet but we can smell em sometimes. Good job Poppy Q let us know your hunting and catching tips. Tanks, Tommy and Teaghan

  6. poppy Q....sew...ewe bring yur mum brek fest in bed....N her takez it out side..... !!! ????


  7. Well done catching the mousie, Poppy. You are very generous to take it to your mum as a gift.

  8. Mighty mouse hunter. Miss Poppy.