Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Last week mum put some boxes on the spare bed, ready to be chopped up and went into the recycling.  I enjoyed hiding beside them so much that mum let me play beside them for a day.  They are now sent off in the recycling.  Bye bye boxes.


  1. HeHe! Well..You certainly look bright eyed and
    bushy..tailed..Poppy!x No! No! bushy paws..! :).
    Boxes are a lot of fun, and great to sleep in
    when you've played with them! :).

  2. What fun Poppy. I once gave my 3 year old daughter a large Carton for when her little friend came over and they played in and with it for hours. I am amazed how much people spend on expensive toys.
    You would have it loved it here last night. I was in bed watching tv and I heard a chewing sort of noring sound. I muted and listened and all was quiet. A little later I heard it again. I banged the wall and all was quiet. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a mouse. I grabbed a book and thought I had trapped it under a stool. My darling husband came in all guns blazing but it was nowhere to be seen. He then came in with a handy mouse trap with lots of yummy 😋 peanut butter.
    We have to say we felt quite bad in the morning when we saw the little tail from the back view.
    It is not a nice thing to kill something but I have to say I was very relieved and I didn’t ask what he did with it.
    Sweet dreams sweet poppy and may they be of boxes and mice xxx

  3. Well, it was fun while it lasted, Poppy! :-)

    Nicki "eats" cardboard. Any box you bring into the house, he starts chewing on and spitting out. I have no idea what it is with cardboard for him, it's just part of who he is. :-P

    1. Ah! Sorry to bother..but this l do know about...
      Chewing on the box is something to do and allows them to make a mess.
      Cats also have a predatory instinct to hunt and kill, and in the wild
      cats may tear and rip off parts of their prey before eating them.
      Chewing off parts of the cardboard box or ripping it apart with their
      claws may be mimicking this behavior....But then..He may do it because
      he likes to...! :).

  4. It's fun to make your own forts, eh, Poppy?

  5. Glad ya got to enjoy em for a while.

  6. Can you believe that sometimes my human doesn't even save empty boxes for us kitties even for a day?