Monday, May 14, 2018


It has rained for two whole days straight, but mum doesn't care too much because it is her day off.  She celebrated with an 8 hour sleep which was great, and helped to restore her batteries.  Mum then got herself up and outside.  It was just drizzling rather than pouring down, so mum went for a bit of a walk.  Then she went and met some friends for a lovely brunch.  She had kedgeree - a Scottish dish with rice, egg and smoked fish that mum likes.  The girls did a little wander round a couple of shops.

Mum then headed home for an afternoon of relaxing on the couch.  She dozed off while the news was on the tele, and then woke up and made her dinner.  A 4 vegetable mash with sausages was the dinner of choice tonight for mum, and I had a feast.

The rain is mean to continue tomorrow, so mum is going to pull out a merino jumper , jeans and boots again.  She has another fun day planned for herself planned.  Yippee for days off during the week.


  1. Phew! It's hot over here Poppy!x I've just cut
    the grass out the back here..! So, it's all nice
    and tidy..just going to get a nice cold drink! :).

    I enjoyed my faggots yesterday, started off with just
    the one and roasties..etc..Then l saw the other one in
    the kitchen looking quite lonely..l just could'nt leave
    it there on it's own..So! So! I ate it...! :0).

  2. Hello little twinkle toes. You need to be careful .Someone might just tickle you. So pleased mum had such a great day off and another to look forward to. We really need the rain. Our garden takes so much watering. We lost a pretty prunus tree and an azalea. When I hear the rain on the roof it makes me smile.

  3. It sounds like your mum had a great day off, with another on the way! Eight hours of sleep is amazing, and more so because it's so rare. :-)

  4. Yes, a rainy day is rather nice to stay in for, isn't it, Poppy? I hope you and your mum were snug and warm during it. It's also nice to venture out into.

  5. Toe beans. Good to hear your mum had a good day off - good sleep and time with friends are the best days - other than hanging out with you, Poppy.

    Hard to think of wool sweaters and boots - spring is here with warm weather.

  6. Lots of rain here too. Everything is lush and green. Mum had a super long nap today.