Friday, May 18, 2018


Our weekending started early.  Mum got called in twice last night and was still at work until 7am, which meant she got today off work.  She stopped and got groceries and came home to me.

She did try and stay awake - but alas her eyelids were too heavy and she curled up with me for a little sleep.  Then she got up and did housework and watched a couple if shows. 

So now she is ready to head to bed with me.  No call tonight - so we should get a solid 8 hours.

Happy weekending everyone.


  1. Ah! Bless! What a to do Poppy!x
    At least Mum had the day off..that's
    good, spent some time with you, you
    must have forgiven her for being late
    home yesterday..hope her hair is o.k. :).

    1. Bless you Willie! At 2.30am the mouse ate the jube and is now departed. My husband thought it was a young rat. Evil. I had hardly any sleep for two nights. We bought more traps today plus jubes so we are well prepared for the future. First time we have been without a cat. That will be next on the list.

    2. Ah! That's good news..l've always know, not to put
      cheese in a trap..mice seem to like sweet things!

      My George passed over the bridge some years ago,
      so, l'm without a pussy~cat as well, at my age,
      l've decided against it..has given me a lot more
      freedom, though l do miss one, since l've had one
      from the day l was born, slept with me in my
      basket, when ever l was put down to sleep..! :).
      I Love Pussy~Cats...! :).

  2. Getting those callouts must be exhausting. Have a good sleep tonight you two.

  3. Nice that you and your human get to spend a good night's sleep together!

  4. Your poor mum - she really deserves a good night's rest. Make sure she stays in bed, Poppy.

    We love this photo - big plushy kitty.

  5. Yay for getting off work early. Will she stay up late to see the royal wedding?

  6. I don't blame your mum for napping. She has more stamina than I would under such conditions.