Thursday, May 31, 2018


Mum says I am a creature of habit - i like to sleep on my shopping bag if i climb up on mums bed.  I also like mum to get back into bed after she has dried her hair - i sit on her leg and go to sleep.  Every night I come and join mum in the living room and ask for a few treats.  I like to run and meet mum at the door when she arrives home and like my feast straight away.

What things do you do every day?


  1. HeHe! Breathe Poppy!x Every day I Breathe...!!! :0).
    Bless! But! What's happened to your fur on your
    back..did you have a scratch and forget to straighten
    it out..!
    I think you love your bed, love your shopping bag, and,
    of course love your Mum...Your a very lucky young lady!
    Oh! And must'nt forget your feasts of course!x (≗ᆽ≗)

  2. I think you have such lovely habits Poppy. Your shopping bag is very pretty. I know you adore your mum. I think you would like to go to work with her too if you could.
    Me? Well I know what I don’t like to do and that is sleep on my shopping bag. But I do like a nice hot water bottle these cold nights. Xx

  3. When I go out for a while, I usually find Marie in the recliner near the door. She waits there patiently for my return.

  4. I'm a bit more random - I'll like one bed for a while, then pick another. I always like looking out the window... but sometimes it's a different one.

  5. Most of our days are governed by routine, Poppy, especially because our biped works regular weekday hours. We do like to vary our perches, though. Yesterday she came home and Derry was stretched out across the back of the couch, not a spot she typically finds him in at any time, let alone when she gets home at the end of the day. :-)

  6. Derby always used to meet mum at the door when she came home from day hunting. Me? Well I do invade her sleepy spot when she first gets in at night. I do laps around the bed and then sit on her.

  7. There are plenty of habits around the cosy apartment, Poppy, but one I didn’t expect is that Parker and Tucker remind me when it’s time for their evening insulin injections. perhaps it’s because they get a small amount of soft-food with it, to help the insulin be absorbed.