Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Golden Skies

There were more beautiful evening skies tonight.  Mum had a walk and went to the library and supermarket on the way home.

She often worries about all the chores she should be doing instead if sitting down and watching a show.  However she did manage to do some jobs.  She did the dishes, she made tonight's dinner of a baked potato and steak, she marinated some chicken for tomorrow nights dinner, eggs were booked and mashed for tomorrow's lunch, washing was folded and put away , underwear and uniform put out for tomorrow morning and the recycling was sorted.  Jobs done.

Now it's time for us to snuggle on the big bed.


  1. Well done Mum..I'm in the middle of cutting the privet
    hedge! Phew! Just taking a break, nice cold drink! It's
    all got to be raked up now! job done! :).
    I'll do the top bit tomorrow! If l clear all that out,
    l may find the pond..l've let the pond go a bit wild,
    no fish, but frogs, toads, newts, seen a few snakes to!
    so plenty to eat for hedgehogs who like to visit!

    Well..best get on, raking time...! Enjoy your snuggles! :).

  2. You’ve got your pillow back Poppy. Well done. Gosh mum does work hard 😓. Lovely food to eat though and she did have a lovely walk in the late afternoon. Egg Sammie’s are my favourite kind. Lovely day here too and Tuesday’s when we get our lawns cut so it’s looking nice out in the garden. Tomorrow we have to replace our electric jug. Two weeks ago it was the Lux. What next I wonder to make it three. Perhaps my extraction can be counted. I hope that’s all.

  3. Your mum is always doing something, Poppy, she's very good about that! Our biped ought to make more of an effort during the weeks, so it doesn't all have to be done on the weekends. Unless your mum feels like teleporting to Canada and doing our biped's chores too. Ha!

  4. You look so sweet, Poppy =)
    Your Mum sounds like a busy person. I think it's probably good for her to have some nice times: watching a movie, or a sunset.
    Ear scritches to you, Poppy!

  5. Gosh Poppy, your poor mum is busy but thanks to her work your house is clean and tidy. Ours, I'm afraid needs some work. Mum spent the evening at the park looking at the cherry blossoms along with everyone else in the city.

  6. Mum has lots of time and still puts off chores!

  7. It's good to relax a while now and then, too, Poppy.

    What I love in an evening sky is the sun reflecting light blue and pink or orange off billowed clouds. Such lighting doesn't last long, but it's pretty and soothing while it does.