Friday, May 11, 2018


Mum is feeling very tired tonight - she nodded off over dinner which made her think of her lovely nana, who used to do the same thing.  She has forgiven herself though as she worked until almost 11pm last night, and then had to come home and try and get herself to sleep, only to have to be up at 6am and off to work again today.  Luckily what she thought might be a horribly busy day ended up being pleasant with lovely company - she loves when that happens. 

She also works on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, with having to get up early to be at work for 7am on both days.  So tonight she has had her shower and will dry her hair that tomorrow she can have a quick shower and give herself a bit of a lie in.  So it is a Middle Aged Lady Movie Tonight - she is watching Churchill while eating some fresh raspberries and custard. 

Me - well I had my dinner and took myself off to bed early.  It is windy and wet outside tonight, and it turned dark quickly at 5.30pm.  With these long evenings I am tired too.  I know how you feel mum. 


  1. Goes without saying Poppy!x That's a lovely
    photo of you..I wonder what your dreaming of..
    Mousies! HeHe! Bless!x

    So, Mums got a busy Sat/Sun this weekend!
    Hopefully, it won't be to busy for her...
    Hope she enjoys the movie..Churchill..That's
    one film l must look out for...ooooO! Rasberries,
    might be some on the market tomorrow, if not it
    will have to be Strawberries..! :).

    Why is it Poppy!x That every time l read your posts,
    l leave feeling hungry..HeHe! I'm now off for a lemon
    tea and an almond slice...! :0).

  2. Oh mum, I do feel for you. Since my tooth extraction I nod off after tea, before tea, like most of the time but that’s ok I don’t work.
    Where do you get fresh raspberries this time of year? If I was going to be executed that would be my last meal. As it is I am so tired of soft food but getting better every day..
    Wish we could get some rain here. Lost a pretty prunus through lack of water.
    Can Poppy get any more gorgeous? Please kiss her for me. Xxx

  3. I think many of us get more tired as we get older too, for some reason -- even without your mum's hectic and varying work schedule. I hope you both have a good weekend, though, and that your mum's work shifts go well. Purrs from Nicki and Derry.

  4. I have no doubt that your mum is tired, Poppy. She needs a day or two off very much. Will she be off Monday, at least?

  5. It is no wonder your poor mum nodded off with those long hours she has to work. I hope she can get some good rest soon.

  6. Mum takes a nap even though she is retired. She gets her sleeps at night, but likes to chill a bit in the late afternoon.