Tuesday, May 22, 2018


After some lovely sunsets last week it has turned to that part of autumn when darkness seems to fall at 5pm.  Tonight we were treated to thunder + lightning, rain and high winds.  I have been fidgeting waiting for the weather to calm so that I can go outside and do my night patrol and ablutions.  Finally at 10.50pm we have a lull and I can pop outside.


  1. When my George was still with me! And, it thundered
    and lightning, it was always a race to see who would
    get under the stairs the quickest! HeHe! I hate thunder
    and lightning to...! :(.
    Still..you managed to get outside Poppy!x Hopefully
    your settled down now to zzzzzzzzZ! :).

  2. I woke up to thunder in the night and the wind was viscous all day long.. Do you not have a litter box inside Poppy for these sort of nights ?
    This time 10 years ago my moggy and I would sit on a garden seat waiting for our man to come home and it was warm, mellow and sweet air. The whole month of may was like that. I can’t believe how the weather has changed.
    I think I will wait till spring to see how things go before getting a kittie. I have always got my sweet cats from spca.i can’t wait till spring but officially it’s not winter yet.
    I really enjoyed Escape to the castle tonight. Dick and Angelia are now helping others do up their castles in France. I find them so warm and cheerful no matter what trials they faced.
    Oh dear it’s 1 am and the rain is hitting the roof. Ah well today is another day.
    My best friend many years ago had a lovely cat named George. He was sadly hit by a car. He wasn’t pretty but oh so lovely and when he was petted he would drool. It’s nice to think his memory is still alive world wide. Thank you Willie for doing that. I was a writer ( non fiction) and once started a book on all my cats but it made me too sad and I stopped. Love to poppy and all the George’s that have made our lives that little bit better for having them.xxx

  3. I'm glad the weather calmed down for you, Poppy.

  4. poppy Q...az fast az de yeerz goin.. we will see 5 dark o clox N ewe will see 10 & stil lite out o clox.....bee for we noez it ☺☺♥♥ !!

  5. That is the bummer of winter, the early sunsets and long nights.

  6. Don't take too long out there, Poppy. It's safest and warmest indoors with your mum.