Saturday, May 5, 2018


This Caturday I spent most of the day camped out on mums shopping bag in her bed.  She has left it out for me all week and it has been a great napping spot.

It was cloudy and the clouds were black and low, but mum thought she needed to have an adventure.  She ventured out and met a friend for lunch.  Mum had the Asian noodles medium spicy, but were a bit too spicy , but mum still ate them all. 

The girls went to a couple of shops.  Mum bought a wool cardigan and a wool poncho to keep her warm as we head towards winter. 

It's getting darker earlier now, pitch black by 6pm so mum is happy to be home early and pull the curtains and relax with me.

We hope you alk got to do something fun on your Caturday.


  1. Sounds like an awesome napping spot indeed. I'm always up for a good place to nap, and I usually find a piece of clothing or something to snuggle up on.

  2. Nice summers day, over here Poppy!x
    Very hot now, soon be lunch time, l
    put a sheet and pillowcases out on the
    line an hour ago, and their all dry and
    ready to iron, get that done, then a bit
    of lunch out on the patio..and..l think
    l'll put the big umbrella out as we...! :).

  3. Lucky you Poppy but what about that cosy knew bed your mum made up with an electric blanket and all Are you sleeping in it at night?
    Watched a worrisome item on fair go where they said multi adapter plugs are dangerous and can set you house on fire. We use them. Who has that many sockets?
    Tomorrow our power gets cut off from 9 -4 pm. For maintain in the whole area. We are lucky to have a wood burner but it will still be very cold and miserable. You are lucky Poppy Q. Xxx

  4. That sounds like a busy Saturday for Mum, Poppy. How nice that the two of you got to spend some time after she got home.