Sunday, May 27, 2018

Slow Sunday

It has been a slow Sunday here at the house of Q.  Mum says it included;

  • breakfast of bacon on toast while watching The Antiques Roadshow.
  • Finally having a shower at 11am
  • lunch of veg and soup while watching Grand Designs.
  • Watching the clouds drift past
  • A bit of tidying up was done
  • Lamb, potatoes and carrots in the oven and cabbage on the stove for a Sunday night tea.
  • Me - well I stayed on my heated cat bed.  It is meant to get cold tonight.


  1. We've had a downpour over here Poppy!x
    And apparently, overnight there's been
    15,000 lightening strikes across the South,
    South~West...and more is forecast..and, it's
    Bank Holiday tomorrow..Monday! Never mind,
    the gardens nees they say! :).

    I love the Antiques Roadshow, if fact it's on
    tomorrow..a Coronation Special, on the Royal
    Yacht Britannia, to mark 65th anniversary of
    the Queens coronation..! Look forward to that,
    and it's the last of the Chelsea Flower Show,
    it's been on all week..! :).

    Oh! Look! It's stopped raining...Must go Poppy!x
    Time for breakfast...! :0).
    Keep warm!x

  2. Poppy, the sky sure looks beautiful in these photos. You look beautiful, too! :)

    P.S. - did you get any of the bacon that was on that toast?

  3. Sounds a sweet and gentle day Poppy. A huge storm has just woken me. It’s over now but I thought I would watch a bit of tv before perhaps going back to sleep. I have The duchess of Duke Street on. I do like Gemma Jones .
    It was so cold l have left the heater on all night. What an enormous power bill this month will be. Mum does have delicious sounding meals . I am sure we are overdue for some pics. You look cosy Poppy. No going outside today me thinks. 💨 🌨 ❄️

  4. It sounds like Sunday at my home, Poppy - well, as it was for the cats... I'm glad your mum and you were able to relax.