Saturday, May 12, 2018


Hi friends.  I slept - mum worked.  I had feast - mum had chicken wings and banana cake.  I slept 22 hours - mum slept 5.  I licked myself clean - mum gave herself a facial scrub and a hair treatment. 

Hope you had a fun Caturday too!!!


  1. Oh! To be a pussy~cat...HeHe! Bless!x
    Chicken wings and banana cake..? Must
    give that a try..I've just made four
    lovely faggots for tomorrow, beef, pork,
    seasoning, herbs, etc..all covered in
    caul fat..ready for roasting, l do
    love faggots, hot or cold, and you can
    use up all the bits and pieces of food,
    we all call..leftovers..! :).

    I'm off to have lunch..Corn cakes, pate,
    smoked ham, salami, and what ever else is
    lurking/hiding in the fridge..!
    (think l'll give the facial scrub a miss
    to~day Poppy!x)..

  2. It sounds like you got the better part of the deal, Poppy!