Monday, May 21, 2018

Mousies Revenge

Last night while making dinner, a jar fell out of the pantry and fell onto my mousie dish spilling hundreds of biscuits all over the place.  Mum got that bowl for me when I was a baby, on a visit to Melbourne.  Luckily she had a back up bowl, but it did make her sad that it was beyond repair and had to be thrown away.

Now imagine the dark bedroom at 2am, when mum heard the unmistakable noises of real life mouse chasing.  Mum switched the light on as I chased it on the bed.  She jumped out to grab the brush and shovel to take it outside, but it had gone.  The chasing slowed down, but it took mum a long long time to get back to sleep.

When she woke up there was a dead little mousie next to my bed.  Now it has had a mouse funeral in the rubbish bag.

A big day/night in the house of Q.


  1. Oh! My! Poppy!x What a to~do...
    What with Mum, shovel, you think
    the mousie died of fright..! :0).
    HeHe! Hope you had a little service and a
    prayer before dispatching the mousie...! :).

  2. Oh, my, that was a big day...and night! Too bad about your mousie dish, but revenge is a dish best served cold...or something like that. :-P

  3. So sorry your bowl got broken Poppy I am sensitive about things. My mum had lots of beautiful things and remember when I was three crying when one got broken. Not a good way to be, but mum tried to explain things don’t matter only people. Sadly that didn’t do it for me.
    Sorry about your mouse. They must wake up same time of night and so tiring. Saw an ad. On tv about electric Traps. Might found out about them.
    Sweet Willie has been without a cat for 8 years. I might be selfish getting another cat but I so would love one. Anyone got ideas? Love and best wishes to Mum, Poppy and all of you out there who have cats.

    1. Goodness! Me! Go for it! Go for it! :).
      And..You'll know the one you want, as soon
      as you see'll be a coming together
      of 'LOVE'..and, the best thing to do, is
      go to a shelter, dare l say it..there are
      ALL sorts of shapes and sizes..HeHe! Bless
      I miss having a cat, but, l'm getting on a bit,
      and l know my daughter would have it, if anything
      happened to me..but..l've made a decision, and l'll
      stick to it, besides, l get three visiting cats,
      for a saucer of milk and a chat..Bless!x

  4. Oh Poppy, that was so sweet of you, leaving that mouse for your human as a wake-up snack.

  5. Bummer your fav dish got broken. All that excitement of mousies in the house. Looking for a warm place for your winter.

  6. There has to be a connection there, Poppy, between bowl and mouse.