Sunday, May 20, 2018


Mum enjoyed watching the wedding last night.  It looked like a lovely day in Windsor and the couple looked so happy together.  Mum enjoyed seeing all the celebrities and the frocks and hats.

She was impressed that I came out to join her in the living room, but it may just have been that the heater was on.

Today we slept in and mum had a whole day at home with me.  She just pottered around and relaxed - two of her favourite things to do.  Tonight it is super windy outside -  we are glad to be safe inside.


  1. I did'nt watch it live Poppy!x
    But l've watched loads of high~lites..
    I was impressed that the old fashioned
    vows were used, and that old 1961 song,
    by Ben E King..Stand By Me..! :).
    But..most of all the guy that stole the
    show was Bishop Michael Curry..Brilliant!
    I do love that old American Gospel stuff..
    All singing and fact l've just
    found out his sermon is on uTube..all 13mins
    and 41secs of it..I'll watch it again later..! :).

    Glad you both enjoyed the wedding...The new Royals
    are certainly a breath of fresh air, things will
    change now over the next few years, and we all love
    the new Royals...! Bless them..! :).

  2. You were lucky that the broadcast was in the evening for you. People here woke up early to start watching at 5:00 am. We don't have a TV but enjoyed watching the wedding later on our iPad. What a lovely ceremony and the bride was beautiful. The loveliest wedding dress.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  3. It did look like a wonderful day for the event. I'm glad it worked out so well.

  4. How nice that you got to watch the beautiful wedding together with Mum, Poppy. And your day today sounds purrfect. :)

  5. Mum didn't get up early to watch, she let the TV thing record it. When she got up she started to watch and could fast forward through all of the chat stuff to get to the good part, the actual wedding.

  6. It did look like a nice wedding.

  7. That’s the best thing to do poppy relaxing inside when the weather isn’t nice. And weddings are always nice

  8. It was a wonderful day for a wedding, and a wonderful wedding. Happy wishes to the royal couple.