Thursday, May 10, 2018

Guard Cats

Here in New Zealand we would say that 995% of kitty cats are indoor/ outdoors cats.  We usually have our own cat doors or we are allowed outside during the day and kept inside at night.

Cats are naturally more active at dawn and dusk.  In The evening, as mum walks home she sees lots of pussy cats sitting out by the front of their property waiting for their people.  Mum saw this cutie the other night waiting by their gate.

We live in a suburb with lots of gardens and not many cars.  We don't have any snakes/ cayotes/wolves or dangerous animals in our country.  The only dangers are dogs and cars. 

Usually I am just sleeping, but I often run to the door to greet mum as she comes in.


  1. Most pussy~cats and dogs wait and lookout
    for their humans to come home, with a view
    of being fed or as in dogs, going for a walk!
    When l still had my George..he would go mad,
    when l came home from work, making such a
    fuss, jumping all over me..Bless! Once l'd
    given him his feast, that was it, he'd curl
    up next to me on the settee, or on my lap,
    and snore..! :).
    Though..if l was watching a nature program,
    and birds started twittering, he'd jump up,
    and go stare at the TV screen, and watch the
    birds...! He loved watching snooker to..wondering
    where the balls went down the pockets! Bless!
    Good old George..I do still miss him..!

  2. So true Poppy. I can’t imagine a cat being kept inside. It seems cruel. I wonder if seeing those cats waiting made mum just for a little moment feel sad remembering Missy. I know I have a special place in my heart for all the lovely kitties I have had over the years. Xxx

  3. poppy Q; hay ewe gorgeouz....we iz glad ya get ta go out side like ewe due...heer in de statez itz just like ewe said....carz carz N more vehiclez, crazee wildlife dee pendin on wear ya live....rood bee a long list.... N joy sum out side time for uz pleez ~~~ ☺☺

  4. My cats are indoor cats...too many dangers outside! Not long ago, I saw a fox within a couple blocks of where I live. He was crossing into a field between a highway and a street. Sounds like it's no wonder so many cats are indoor/outdoor there :-)

  5. That looks like an ideal spot for a cat to watch for anything, Poppy.

  6. You are so lucky you live in an area where it is safe for kitties to be outside, Poppy! Our area is filled with predators and even some scary people.

  7. We has coyotes in our nayborhood, so it's inside for us.