Thursday, May 17, 2018

Told Off

I told mum off tonight for getting home late at 8pm.  She was at the hairdresser which took hours.  So I ate my dinner and then went back to bed - that will teach her!!!


  1. Oh! Dear! Poppy!x So, you put your paw down...! :).
    So, why did Mum go to the hairdresser, that late,
    come home at 8pm, then eat, then go to bed! Won't
    it spoil her hair, l should think the morning would
    be the best time...! HeHe! Don't tell us she puts it
    in curlers, with a hair net...! The mind boggles, l
    remember my Granny and Mum doing it..Frightening! :).
    Don't think ladies do it now, with all the more modern
    hair tongs!
    At least you don't need them Poppy!x You've got lovely

  2. She must look lovely after all that time. I wish you could have popped here for awhile. I have a pesky mouse in my bedroom and it just won’t eat off the trap. I hear it scratching in my wardrobe and last night I heard a noise in my waste paper bin and just caught a glimpse of it jumping out. It was so fast. It has got in out of all the rain we had. Will you come and help Poppy?

    1. If Poppy!x can't make probably know are the three best things to put
      in a mouse trap...
      1) Smooth or chunky peanut butter...
      2) Gumdrops or other sweet candies (softer candies as opposed to harder ones)
      3) Chocolate (mice love chocolate!)
      ~~NOT CHEESE~~

    2. Thanks Willie. I’ve got peanut butter on it. Will try a bit of jube. Don’t have a sweet tooth. So not much choice. Will get some more traps if that doesn’t work.

  3. You showed her, Poppy! How could she neglect you like that, just for her hair?! Appalling!

  4. Humans - always on their own schedule, never ours.

  5. Yeah, I get that from my lot, too, if I'm late...

  6. Mum doesn't get home late much anymore. Plus she tells me if she thinks she will be late.