Saturday, May 19, 2018

Caturday Wedding

It has been a lovely day here in the city.  Mum had a sleep in, brunch with a friend, a walk in the sun, a little shop and a visit to the library.  now mum has sausage rolls cooling in the oven and a cold drink ready.   It's wedding time.  all the guests are seated and the family is just arriving.  Mum is quite excited.

I have gone to bed.

Oh now I have got up to join mum to watch.  Just beautiful - what a lovely couple.  It is making mum teary to watch.


  1. Yep! I must'nt be late either...l'll be late
    for the ceremony..! Someone will pinch my seat! :).
    HeHe! Bless them...Lets hope they have a happy life,
    and lots of children, though there are loads of 'aires'
    to the throne as it is...!
    I've got it on,but not sitting down to watch it...FA
    Cup final on later, that'll do me, for excitement! :).

  2. I'm watching it right now! :-)

  3. I watched for hours. Really lovely and all the horses after the wedding was a wonderful sight. I remember how excited the family were watching Diana’s wedding. Do hope this couple have better luck. And lots of children. Harry does love kids.

  4. My human is going to watch some of it a little later - it was in the middle of the night our time, and she needed to get some rest, something she hasn't had enough of lately! Your human can probably relate (and then some!)

  5. I didn't watch the wedding...just the highlights. It was lovely and I guessed right about her dress: simple and classic. Wasn't sure about that cake, though. (I bet it did taste wonderful :)

  6. Lovely post Poppy. I tried to watch it but after the excitement of a 3 year olds birthday party yesterday, this Granny kept falling asleep in her chair & waking up when everyone had arrived & it was half way through!!! Hoping to catch the highlights today & stay awake !!

  7. We're so happy for them. What a lovely and beautiful wedding!

  8. I remember ebing up in the wee hours to watch the Prince of Wales's wedding, way back before video recorders. That was exciting. I think weddings for immediate heirs should be big, but I like the smaller ones, too - if this could be called smaller.