Saturday, May 26, 2018

Flood Caturday

So last night I had a vom on the mumster bed to let her know that I was not impressed that she was late home.  Today she tried to wash the quilt - and that got the washing machine stuck .  Mum got up to clear the blockage - but in 2 minutes the washing machine poured a whole lot of water out, pouring out onto the hallway carpet.  Mum quickly grabbed all of our towels, but it quickly soaked through.  So she has had the heaters out to dry it out.  It is a cool night, down to 9 degrees, and  our heaters are chugging out the heat in the hallway.

Mum gave herself a break and went out for a break for a visit with a friend.  So she had a slightly successful day.  A bit of relaxing and a bit of stress.


  1. I don't have a washing machine Poppy!x
    Never had, and never will..horrid things,
    even when it was just me and my daughter,
    l did all the washing by hand, when my
    daughter went to school, her red uniform
    remained red from day one, and remained
    red until the end of that year! :). Even the
    teacher used to comment on it..even remarked
    in her end of term reports..the other kids
    uniforms used to fate..Why? Because their Mums,
    used to chuck their uniforms in a washing machine
    with that biological rubbish...!
    I suppose their o.k. for quilt covers, pillow cases,
    but, l would'nt go near one...
    God! Gave me a pair of l use them..! :).

    Sorry about Mums flood Poppy!x She should get in touch
    with Noah..he'd know what to do..HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Ugh, we're sorry that your mum had such a stressful time of it, Poppy. All that and the quilt probably still needs to be cleaned! Is there a laundromat nearby? One with giant washer and dryers for oversized items? If so, it might be easier to do it there. Good luck with that and we hope your Sunday is much better!

  3. Bummer that you guys had a flood, that is furry stressful for your mum. Hope all gets sorted and back to normal soonest.

  4. Oh, that was a bummer! I'm glad your human did something to relieve the stress.

  5. Oh no. I'm just catching up on your weekend, Poppy, and I don't see any mention of flood-damage in later entries. Did everything turn out all right?