Monday, May 28, 2018

Crazy NZ House Prices - What Will $1.65 Million Buy You?

This charming 4 bedroom and  1 gross bathroom 569m2 house in Auckland sold for NZ $1.65 million recently.  That equates to 867,800  UK pounds or US $ 1.17 Million at todays exchange rate.  Crazy huh?  It is not even in a livable condition.  House prices are crazy here, and mum worries about our future as homes are pretty unaffordable in most of our cities and many of our regions as prices continue to go up and up while wages stay pretty much the same.


  1. looks as though it needs a lot of
    work done on it Poppy!x
    House prices over here are much the same to,
    much dearer in the south than the north...
    Think that applies in most countries..!
    My daughter lives up in the Midlands..and their
    home, if it was down here in the south, would be
    worth double, what it's worth down here, and homes
    closer to the sea are worth a lot more..!

    The sun was up bright and early this morning Poppy!x
    Nearly eight, and very warm, though rain forecast for
    later...yesterday, places up the north had a month
    amount of rain in an hour, 4~5ft of flooding! Strange
    old thing this weather...!

    Breakfast out on the patio, good old English fry up!
    What would we do with out it...! :0).

  2. What a very unappealing house at any price. I was enquiring about reroofing next summer. Just a possibility and when I asked the person what she had she said she lived in a shed. What is NZ coming to?
    Do go to a really good lawyer to get advice. Worth the money.
    You two remind me of “Two friends together said Pinkle Purr.”
    Love and best wishes to you both. ๐ŸŒˆ ๐ŸŒน ๐ŸŒบ ๐Ÿ’

    1. Unapppealing wrong word. Revolting more like it..

  3. Who is buying these houses? My human doesn't get it. We live in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., and houses in that condition only sell for about half that. Plus we have a scary huge homeless population. Something's got to give.

  4. That's even worse than Toronto and Vancouver, and housing prices there are insane. If anyone wants my townhouse unit for $1M, even CDN currency, they can have it! :-P

  5. Up here that amount of money would get you a nice amount of rural land and a livable home!! Auckland prices are INSANE!!

  6. That's ludicrous. Who is it who is buying these houses if wages are staying the same? Is no one complaining to the politicians?

  7. OMD, it's the same here!!!! A BURNT UP HOME went for almost 2 MILLION DOLLARS! Yes! Our simple 3 bedroom, 2 bath track ranch houses are selling for 1.5 million! It is INSANE! Ma says she's gonna sell the house and move to the boonies and live like a queen....
    Ruby ♥

  8. yes saw this today in news too and I was like wow ... looks like our home from the outside (also a villa) so I got all excited re price - LOL

  9. Good heavens, how can anyone afford a house? My house is about 110 sq meters, three bed, three bath, and it wouldn't even be a fifth of that price. Are rents comparable too? I'm grateful to live where I do!


  10. That is crazy! Maybe wanted the lot and will push down the house and build a new one.

  11. It’s the same here in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney especially. We are here to help our kids as much as we can, not by giving them money, don’t have any, but by filling their freezers with meat from our paddocks and giving them home grown veggies
    Also by looking after their kids and keeping our business going. Both work here with us
    But for future generations I worry
    Something will need to change. And quick!