Thursday, May 24, 2018


We are thankful today that it is Thursday and Friday is here tomorrow.  Even though mum was up super early she didn't need a nap after work, she had a tasty dinner of lamb with spicy potatoes and cauliflower, mum got some treats at the grocery store, dishes were done and kitchen tidied and there is time for mum to relax and read before sleep.  Life is good.


  1. Yep! Me to Poppy!x Off down town, first
    thing, friend on the market gave me a
    case of wine, Sicilian Shiraz..Nice!
    Did some business for him, and as l don't
    take money off of friends, he gave me the
    wine..! :).

    And, l've just finished trimming the Virginia
    Creeper, have to trim it back, every few days,
    otherwise it runs away with itself..! It covers
    the back and front of the house, so it's a bit
    of a job, have to use expandable cutters, as
    l can't get past three rungs on a ladder..Fear! :(.

    Soon be lunch time..corn cakes, patte, salami, and
    what ever else is lurking in the fridge....
    HeHe! Nite! Nite! You two...Bless!x

  2. Does mum have the weekend off? We had a lovely weather day here today but oh dear the snow further south on the tv news looks like winter is here for good. Luckily we have got all our winter wood stacked. Keep cosy you two.xx

  3. Life will be even better when Friday comes.

  4. It has finally got nice. Open windows and mum sitting outside after dinner to read.