Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The temperatures have dropped round here to round 6 degrees C, but it feels colder in our old house.  Mum has pulled out the woolly hat and gloves.  the heater are on and she will retreat to bed early so that she only heats one room.

Mum had a chance to go to the supermarket tonight.  She bought lots of soups and tasty treats so there is lots for the week ahead.  oh and some feasts for me too.


  1. HeHe! I thought what on earth has Mum got Poppy!x wearing
    now...! :).

    Hot over here..though more rain, wind, thunder, flooding
    forecast for later, this time it's down here, down south!
    So, l think l'll baton down the hatches, and windows! :(.
    Still..l can put the washing out, before it rains, then
    collect it afterwards..when it's dry, save a lot of bother!
    Kill two birds with one stone...(Why do people say that)...

    Time for a cuppa, and an almond slice...might just cut the grass,
    if the mood takes me..! :).

  2. It’s not as cold here, yet. But this year I’m feeling it.
    Currently sitting infront of the fire with a blanket.
    Stay warm poppy and mum

  3. Brrrr, that's chilly, Poppy. Especially when you have only heaters. You guys stay cosy!

  4. I wonder if I can guess what mums favourite colour is ?
    It is beyond cold. Heaven help us. The countdown to spring. Why it is only 3 months to go but you can say 4 as September is always chilly. Lucky people who like skiing and snow fights. I wish I was a bear and could hibernate all winter. Xx

  5. You got cold, now we have the hots!

  6. We're just taking those off, here.