Monday, May 7, 2018

Pillow Fort

Sometimes your mum let's you sleep in the pillow fort all day cos she loves you.


  1. HeHe! It's amazing what you pussy~cats get up to
    on a bed Poppy!x

    It's very hot over here, 28 degrees over the eastern
    part of the country, hottest since 1999..The sun was
    up bright and early at six..been warming up ever since!
    I've put the big umbrella up over the patio, so, got a bit
    of shade! Getting cooler later in the week! :).

  2. Heh Poppy what happened to your pillowcase? You do look snug in there though.
    We had our power cut off from 9 - 5 today as they were replacing a pole in our street.
    It is so horrible being without power though we heated water on top of our burner for cups of tea and had a late chicken dinner with mashed potatoes pumpkin and cauliflower . We were in time to watch The Chase so alls well. Sleep 😴 tight you two.

  3. Wow, how cool is that fort, Poppy?! Your mum sure does love you very much to have that for you. :-)

  4. I dislike disturbing my beasts when they are enjoying their slumbers, too, Poppy. You'd have as long as you liked to sleep with me.

  5. Nice bit of protection for napping.