Thursday, May 3, 2018


We are just chilling here tonight thinking that the weekend will start tomorrow.  Mum was lucky and got to have Wednesday off with me, as she was on call overnight and was busy.  Si we got to sleep in and relax together.

Our nights are beginning to cool down.  Last night was the first night that the heater was on in the living room and in the bedroom.  Mum is trying hard to get her bedtimes more regular.  It has been easy in the summer to stay up late, but as winter draws in mum might as as well head off to bed early.

We know that most of you will think we are wimps complaining about our cold - it is 9 degrees C, but we do live in an old house that is draughty and cold.  We would be scared at the thought of snow and freezing temperatures.

Good night friends.


  1. I must say..I go off to bed at eight during the winter
    months, saves on the heating, not that l have a lot on,
    don't feel the cold that much..settle under the duvet,
    and watch the telly..drop off about ten, but wake up
    a few times during the night, l'm a very light sleeper,
    slightest noise, and l wake up! The outside lamps go off
    at twelve, so it's complete darkness, so l leave the TV
    on..hate the dark, not frightened off it, just don't like
    it...! :(.

    Eye! Eye! Poppy!x love the photo..another one for my pussy~cat
    folder..hope that's o.k. Bless!x

  2. We’ve gone from cold to 91F yesterday. What is it with the weather?

  3. Are you now a Private eye poppy? Love clear sunny day here but gets cool,in the afternoon. Woke up at 2am to the trap going off. Hope that’s the end of the.
    Also went back to medieval times this afternoon. My tooth had an abscess as well as crack down the middle. The dental dr. wanted to put me on antibiotics for a week first as painless doe not work with an abscess. But the pain was so bad I said I wanted it out anyway. Half way through the nurse said I was tough but the last 2 minutes I screamed like I never knew I could.
    I pushed the drs. cap but he knew it was nearly done and bravely carried on. If there had been any other patients there they would have been out the door so fast!
    Anyway all is well now. Sans mouse, sans tooth. 🐭😬

  4. We wouldn't want 9C weather without central heat! You have a different climate, you're not wimps.

    Purrs to you both. :-)

  5. Nine degrees Celsius is pretty chilly without central heating, Poppy. I don’t blame you for wanting to warm that up. Is your mum able to have two electric heaters, one on either side of a room? That may help provide a kind of central heating.

    1. I doubt you have any idea what electric power costs here. I can’t imagine anyone affording to run two heaters.

  6. Keep warm and snuggle with your mum, Poppy.

  7. 9 degrees C sounds PLENTY cold to my human! But then, we live in Southern California, where that is the typical low on winter nights.

  8. It’s turned cold here too
    And getting up at five and out of the house by six is harder and harder.
    But going to bed is easy. I’m exhausted by eight.
    Stay warm xxx