Monday, August 20, 2018

Another Week

It is another Monday here at the house of Q.  It is raining and cold, and the forecast is the same all week.  Mum got groceries and got home.  I gave her a telling off because I was cold, and mum put the heater on for me.  We are tired of winter - mum is over it and ready for warm evenings and putting her sandals on.


  1. Autumn for us over here first Poppy!x
    Usually the weather's not to bad, but then
    what with all the different forecasts, you
    can never be sure..still, as long as it's dry!
    Keep warm..! :0)

  2. You're tired of the cold and we're tired of the heat. 😁

    We hope you both have a great week, with warmer temperatures!

  3. That’s a lovely colour quilt. Really goes with your grey fur beautifully Poppy.