Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cough Cough

Mum got home from work yesterday feeling a bit rough.  She tried going to bed early but had a sore throat and was up coughing all night.  She was no better today, so stayed home sick.  She thought her flu had gone and is annoyed to still being under the weather. She is still taking vitamins every day, vitamin c, resting and trying to sleep but she is ruining my sleeps!!

Sorry our posts are all so boring at the moment but life is pretty quiet for us at the moment.  Mum Sat outside with me this afternoon to get some fresh air which was nice.

Oh and she forgot to say that this morning when she walked into the lounge naughty neighbour cat was curled up in my spare cat bet snoozing!!! Don't worry mum chased him off!!!


  1. Oh! Poor Mum, still feeling rough...Just a suggestion
    Poppy!x Does Mum use anything like 'Vic' l expect you
    have it over there, or summat similar, helps to breath
    more easily, and opens the pores in the chest!

    Posts..boring..I don't think so..just a photo of you
    will always do Poppy!x HeHe! Bless! :).

    And..that naughty neighbour cat..hope he does'nt get
    used to that idea..Bad lad..! :(.

  2. Sorry your mum is still feeling poorly. Boo that you had an introoder taking up your bed.

  3. Poppy, dear, how could you consider a post "boring" when it includes a report of your mum -- already out of sorts -- encountering the neighbor's cat in your bed!? Oi!

  4. Your poor human - it's so frustrating when the flu lingers. I hope she is finally rid of it very soon.

  5. Your mum isn't getting a break with her illnesses. I hope this week sees the end of them.

  6. I had some type of virus a few years ago. The doctor warned me up front that it could be weeks before I'd get rid of the cough. He was right...hope your cough goes away soon.

  7. Poor mum what a curse. It must be a very nasty flu to hang on. Lucky you can’t catch it Poppy.
    How funny to see a strange cat in your bed. You are now a cat hotel once word gets around about that cosy bed of yours.
    Take care mum and don’t go back to work too soon. Seems like you need a really good holiday.🤒🍹💐👙

  8. Maybe a return trip to the doctor is in order. Perhaps a secondary infection has developed that needs a different medication. A chest X-ray?
    Please take care of your mum, Poppy.

  9. Poor Mum. WE sure hope she feels better soon, Poppy.