Friday, August 24, 2018

Lofty Goals

Mum aired out the bed this morning.  I live the feel of a  flannelette sheet - nice and cosy.  As mum is working this weekend her only other goals are to get the washing done, cook something nice to take to work for dinner and finish watching 'This Is Us'.  Lofty goals.

No sign of naughty cat the past couple of days.


  1. You and the flannelette sheet go very well
    together Poppy!x ALL the room for a lovely
    long stretch..! :).

    Perhaps naughty cat will pop round at the
    weekend..when Mums at on your guard

  2. You look so comfy Poppy. Mum does work hard to give you such a good life. Keep the bed warm for mum tonight.
    I just watched Gardeners World and then David Attenborough. I did enjoy them.

  3. We love flannel sheets too, so cosy in the winter.

    Your goals are just fine, they're the practical business of living, as we all must do.

  4. I'm glad the naughty cat has been keeping his distance!